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  • nothing much. A little tea, reading, paint fumes. #
  • In Providence at Coffee Exchange. Great meeting, safe trip home everyone. #
  • downstairs waiting for walkers #
  • BHL meeting, day 1. #
  • @UDCMRK where are you folks? I’m in the dorm. in reply to UDCMRK #
  • On train 2 BOS #
  • At NRO station #
  • @chrisfreeland We didn’t get any stickers. Fortunately Starbucks doesn’t appear to be asking for proof. in reply to chrisfreeland #
  • #votereport Voted Obama at 6am with my 11-year-old son in the booth. He went in with both my wife and myself. #
  • Monday. In the office. Glad the election is almost over. WIll vote 6 am tom’w. #
  • @tomwatson Exactly what I wanted to know – thanks. Saw Causewired in the window of a bookstore in Bronxville en route to the movies Sat nite in reply to tomwatson #
  • @tomwatson What’s your take on voting the Working Families ticket this year? in reply to tomwatson #

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