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  • getting ready to head out for the weekend. I can use this one. #
  • @AdagioTeas I’d gladly review it. in reply to AdagioTeas #
  • @SimpleLeaf Sure, I’ll take it – would love to try. in reply to SimpleLeaf #
  • @DennisLively Yet another dumb number. Amusing, though, check it out. in reply to DennisLively #
  • my Twitterank is 29.35! #
  • Whee! Interminable Document Editing Land! Ride all the rides! All day ! One price! World’s Largest Shore Dinner Hall! What? #
  • Scanning! Shipping! Proposing! Drinking chai! Dozing! Not really! Raining! #
  • in the office. another day of stuff. 3 nights running good sleep, though, albeit heavily medicated. #
  • Waiting for Daniel at the dentist’s. Just a checkup. #
  • Working on a grant proposal and some cost analyses. I used to be a technologist, you know. #
  • @chrisfreeland Ah, good. Worried there a minute. Did you get a lollipop? in reply to chrisfreeland #
  • @chrisfreeland Huh? Whut hoppen? in reply to chrisfreeland #
  • Currently Browsing: #
  • More stuff out for scanning soon, plus grant rewriting and rights listing. Plus backup APIs. Plus other stuff. #
  • back in New Rochelle. Tired, but happy and still shocked at the Early Surprise B’Day Party last night in Providence. I have great friends. #

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