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There is a heppy land

A Heppy Site:


Craig Arf has launched, dedicated to all things Krazy Kat. It’s got all sorts of great stuff like the biography pictured above. I have been buying all the Fantagraphics reissues as they come out, and I know I’ll be spending a lot of time exploring this site. Li’l ainjil.

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Possible proof

This Modern World | Salon Comics:


Tom Tomorrow owes me the coffee that I just spit all over my desk. Read the whole damn thing.

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Beethoven’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Ludwig van:

(Via cul de sac.)

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Oh yeah


Talk about drinking the Kool-aid.

(Via The Ephemerist.)

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I like Achewood, but the Chris Ware “parody” (for want of a better word) is just bad.

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Fleen: Your Favorite Faux-Muckrakers Since 2005 » Oh HELL, Yes:

Weirdly, BoaSaS [Boy on a Stick and Slither] used to run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which would indicate that it’s slowly making its way north from Florida (creator Steven Cloud’s point of origin), past Georgia, and now the Carolinas. Presumably, like other southern invaders, BoaSaS will continue to spread and dominate its environment due to a lack of natural predators. Best to just accept it, and welcome your new webcomics master now.

I don’t get this at all. This is in my daily mix of comics (at least for now) and it rarely rises above lame. Then again, I think it’s significant that the guy who “draws” Diesel Sweeties only gives the characters smirks for facial expressions.

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“Your hate only makes me stronger”

Via dinosaur comics, pretty funny: Kate Beaton’s Comics. I especially liked this one:
'I invented reading.'

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