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Applescript made sane

Graphing Your Favorite Feeds with NetNewsWire and Ruby :: dot unplanned:

After the election, my list of feeds in NetNewsWire became the source of some consternation. I’m still not completely recovered from the “must … know” paranoia that grips me, so I’m loath to unsubscribe to the political stuff: What if the world starts to end? How will I know?

mph has been doing some very interesting posts about using Ruby as a potent antipsychotic for Applescript. Here he builds graphs of attention scores for his feeds in NetNewsWire. I need to do this myself – too many damn feeds. Interesting and fun series. Check it out.

This week.

Gluttonous : Guide: Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing In Rails

Koz recently checked code into core that kicks and screams all the way home if you’re using deprecated methods or instance variables. In honor of this I’ve decided to give you a list of things I still see over and over in Rails code that you really shouldn’t be doing anymore. Really. Trust me on this.

Rails validators

Nice rundown of the various validators available in Rails.

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Pluralization Tester for the Ruby on Rails Inflector | Ruby on Rails for Newbies

Uh, this shows you how Rails “pluralizes” a word. I had no idea this was a problem.

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dzone – fresh links for developers

Any number of Digg clones are appearing, and dzone aims to be digg for developers. Nice drilldowns for specific areas with their own rss feeds. – you can get ruby (actually rails, but is anyone doing non-rails ruby? If they broke them out, the ruby category’d be empty), java, usability. Looks well-done and a good resource. No Library 2.0, though.

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