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Calibre QuickStart for Kindle

As a followup to last week’s post about the METRO SIG – now it’s even easier to use Calibre to get e-books of any format onto a Kindle. Adding Books to the Kindle With Calibre is a simple and clear guide to using Calibre with a Kindle. No Amazon conversion fees, and all you need is the USB cable and the program. Recommended. Via the always excellent TeleRead.

Some deal, Amazon

From an Amazon “deal” in my inbox this morning:


So the Mac version of PShop Elms costs more? The version that’s a full point behind the Windows release? How can I resist. Not. Almost makes me want to buy the PC version and run it in VMWare Fusion. But then you have to deal with Windows “UI.”


Dan Benjamin – Fake Amazon:

As Amazon is my online store of choice, I checked there first, and found one for the same price. As an Amazon prime member, I’m always looking for the ‘Prime’ availability image which lets me know the item I’m about to buy is available for free 2-day or $3.99 overnight shipping. When I don’t see this image, I know that the item might be sold by a third-party using Amazon’s services (although some Fake Amazon items are eligible for Prime, too).

I do the same thing. I signed up for Prime almost as soon as it became available, because we buy enough stuff from Amazon that I immediately knew that it’d save us money in the long run. I’d sort of like my Amazon search to automatically sort by Prime availability first and then whatever it it defaults to now (relevance, I think.) Nothing more disappointing than looking for something and finding that it’s Fake Amazon.

Update: Here’s an example.

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