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BBEmacs Watch Part 1000

Daring Fireball Linked List: BBEdit 9.2:

My favorite new feature is the Sleep command, which lets you quit the app while saving state. When next you launch BBEdit after sleeping, all open windows and documents are restored, including untitled documents.

I wish every app had this feature.

You’ll never guess which prominent multiplatform editor has had this feature for some time, and didn’t even need to give it the throughly stupid (as well as completely inaccurate) name “sleep.” Which editor is left as an exercise for the reader. Is BareBones just working their way through the *info* screens?

Update: desktop-mode can also be set to auto-save the desktop while you’re working. What happens if God forbid BBEmacs crashes?

Some deal, Amazon

From an Amazon “deal” in my inbox this morning:


So the Mac version of PShop Elms costs more? The version that’s a full point behind the Windows release? How can I resist. Not. Almost makes me want to buy the PC version and run it in VMWare Fusion. But then you have to deal with Windows “UI.”

The hen dies in the first half-hour.

Disney Eggs: They’re Eggs. By Disney.:

We have rarely been as confused or disturbed by anything in our lives as we are by the new “Disney Eggs,” which we discovered via a commercial break during the fourth hour of Today.

As you see, it’s eggs. With Disney characters stamped on the shells. Possibly selling at a markup. Is this some kind of tie-in to a movie, or further proof of the evils of agribusiness and the coming apocalypse?


Or a fruit basket

Bailed-out Wells Fargo plans lavish corporate getaway to Vegas.:

“Recognition events are still part of our culture,” spokeswoman Melissa Murray said. “It’s really important that our team members are still valued and recognized.”

Give them a fucking plaque.

(Via Think Progress.)

Wal-Mart – your Hitler party headquarters

The money quote from a Consumerist story, about a Shop-Rite that refuses to write “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” on a birthday cake for the spawn of white supremacists:

Young Adolf Hitler Campbell will be getting a cake from Wal-Mart this year.

Color me deeply unsurprised. Incidentally, it’s only the likelihood that this kid’ll be homeschooled that’ll save the poor thing from paying dearly for the stupidity of his parents.

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What I did on my summer vacation

People reading my Twitter presence may have noted that I exhibited a
slight obsession with pain and painkillers (characterized by one
person in particular as “whining”) from the end of August through most
of September. Someone finally asked me what precipitated my new-found
passion for Advil by the handful, and having come clean in the social
networking districts,
I figure it’s about time I mentioned it on my
blogs too. This is my gruesome story.

To get right to it: On August 12, I got thrown off my bike on Martha’s
Vineyard and broke my left shoulder, specifically, my left humeral

We were headed back to our rental house in the late afternoon after a
ride out to Morning Glory Farm for some sweet corn and baked goods. MV
has a great network of bike paths, and we were riding through the
State Forest. Leslie recently got a new bike, and so she was up ahead
a bit seeing what it could do, while Daniel and I were moving along a
bit more slowly behind her. We had ridden about 16 miles total at this
point, and he was beginning to tire. I was hanging back with him,
encouraging him to keep up and telling him that we didn’t have too much
longer to go. We were probably about 4-5 miles from the house at this
point. I was looking forward to getting back to the house, taking a
long outdoor shower, and then drinking a beer in the hammock before we
went to dinner.

While I was thinking about this I had dropped back behind him a few
yards, and he slowed a bit. I think we were moving about 10mph or so
at the time. As he did, his back wheel brushed my front. I tried to
slow further and asked him to pick it up a bit. At the same time, I
started getting worried that he was going to go down, so I turned to
the left to get clear of his wheel. As I did so his bumped mine, and I
was thrown from the bike.

I tried to roll as I fell, and I landed right on top of my left
shoulder. When I hit, I felt a distinct “pop” in my shoulder and
immediately knew I was in trouble. I skidded about another 5 ft on the
tarmac, getting some pretty bad elbow road rash, and finally came to a

Fortunately, Daniel had not fallen and was unaware that I had, so both
he and Leslie were about 200 yards down the path. I could see some
pretty nasty rash on the side of my knee, so I tried to sit up to get
a better look at it. However there was intense pain every time I
attempted to move my left arm. I yelled to Leslie and Daniel to come
back and that I thought I had broken my arm.

As it eventually turned out, I had broken my shoulder and fortunately,
there was only a small displacement. The impact had actually impaled the “stick” of the bone on the spongy “ball,” stabilizing it and
making what I was later told would have been difficult, painful surgery unnecessary.

What was less fortunate was that this happened on the second day of
our annual 2 week vacation on the Vineyard. The doctor who treated me
in the ER was certain that the local orthopedist was going to send me
back to NY post haste to get some pins put in. Fortunately, the
orthopedist told me that it looked like I’d lucked out and wouldn’t
need surgery; he also recommended that I stay around another week so
that he could take a look at it again. As it was, we did end up going
home about half a week early.

I’m in the fourth week or so of physical therapy now, which is going
well, though quite painful. I have not really slept well since the
accident. Most nights I wake at about 3am or so, trying to find a
relatively comfortable position for my arm. This happens consistently
despite the wide range of various pharmaceuticals I have been
prescribed. My physical therapist told me this week that shoulder
injuries are some of the most painful and difficult to recover from,
and that I’m probably in for another month or so of pain and
discomfort before I really start to feel better. If I can get through
that time without completely collapsing of exhaustion, I’ll be a very
happy man.

UPDATE: I wanted to mention one other thing. The EMTs on Martha’s Vineyard were extraordinarily nice and helpful. They got the ambulance onto a bikepath in the middle of the forest. They kept me reasonably calm and very well-informed during the entire time on the bikepath, which was remarkable since they decided to collar me and strap me to the board for safety’s sake. Everyone was extremely professional and a credit to their professions.

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Cranky spelling question

I just may be completely unhip, but when did it become sneak peak as opposed to sneak peek? I only see it spelled the wrong way now. Is this some secret lolcatz post-ironic spelling or something?

Humane ba-da BUMP

via Albion Cooks:

Why did the tofurkey cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken.

Thank you, thank you verr mush.

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Another customer service vignette

When we bought the new car, one of the things we needed to do was transfer the EZ-Pass from my old car to the new. For those of you outside the NY Metro area, an EZ-Pass is a little transponder you attach to your car’s windshield. It allows you to drive through toll booths without having to stop and give money to the tollbooth attendant, making toll stops much quicker. Well, the EZ-Pass attaches to your car’s windshield with some industrial-strength velcro, except it’s not really velcro, it’s these hard plastic interlocking mushrooms that, unlike hook-and-loop Velcro, are the same on both faces of the tape. They have to be aligned before they’ll go together, and when they do, they click together in a very solid, satisfying way.

Well, I needed new EZ-Pass MegaMushroomVelcro for the new car, as the old MMV had gone away with the windshield of the 89 Golf when it was towed by the ADA (Donation.) Thinking that the MTA was the place to go, I went. And found no mention anywhere on that site of where or how to get new Velcro. There was an account area, but you needed to know your account number in order to get access. Not your name, not your zip. Your account number. Which is either on your bill, or on your EZ-Pass, neither of which most people have readily to hand. You’d think that they’d let you log in by name.

I ended up buying it on eBay for 7 bucks.

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Subaru manual silliness

We just bought a Subaru Outback, and I managed to lose the manual for the on-board GPS system. So I went hunting on their site for the manuals. When I clicked on the download link for the first section (yes, they put the manual up on the site as separate sections, rather than one big pdf,) I was directed to a signup page for an account name, e-mail, etc etc. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Subaru wants me to pay 35.00 for a 72-hour period in which I can download no more than 50 of their PDF manuals. Pretty insane. I guess I better look harder for that manual, or stop by the dealer and ask for another copy. Who, in this day and age, wants to charge you for PDf copies of their manuals? This is our second Subaru (our first was a 99 Forester) and we’ve been very happy with the cars, but this is just stupid.

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